The MiniMaster initiative trains young migrants to become waiters/waitresses and housekeepers for the local hospitality sector, including hotels and restaurants directly involved in the programme and offering both internships and work-based learning on their premises.


The approach, relying on a pedagogical framework of Human Integral Development, includes four main areas of activity:


Migrant minors and young adults risk unemployment and social exclusion due to their low skilled profiles or difficulties in recognizing their prior learning and achievements. The MiniMaster initiative at Cometa Formazione aims to reduce the risk of social exclusion and unemployment of migrants, closing skills gap faced by local companies, and changing the negative attitudes of host communities towards this vulnerable group.

Reason for success

MiniMaster has several elements crucial for its success:

  1. it is an effective training programme based on a mix of professional skills, and cultural and foundational skills.
  2. The work-based structure plays a crucial role for its effectiveness. Furthermore, consistent integration is possible thanks to a Human Integral Development approach where every learner is personally supported, including with social and psychological skills.
  3. Cometa’s ecosystem approach contributes to support and strengthen the training and to increase placement rates, as well as to raise awareness in the local community. Companies, local NGOs, and institutions find in Cometa, as a VET centre, the leader of an initiative where they become beneficiaries and co-creators

Placement rate > 70%

Average dropout < 10%

One year after obtaining their certificate, 60% of learners have a job

Higher integration of learners in the local social context

Increasing awareness of local ecosystem, namely policymakers and companies

Over the last ten years, placement results have consistently been very positive

Every year 50-75 young people are supported effectively, through a specific method of accompaniment

Cometa Formazione, located in Como – Italy, provides training services to minors and young adults in addition to serving an increasing number of migrants. This target group is vulnerable due to their marginalization in areas such as language, cultural differences, and class status, and they face increased risks of being unemployed.

Cometa’s pedagogical approach of ‘Inclusive Excellence’ aims to provide learners with high quality professional skills, foster their social and emotional skills, and provide meaningful employment opportunities.

“Thanks to cometa, i managed to make my dreams come true. Cometa gave me necessary skills and education and contacts with my restaurant so now i can earn money and help my family. This is something i wanted to do when i was living back in my country but couldn’t do.” – D.